Our tailor's shop offers two types of jumpsuits for Formation Skydiving: Tight (male and female) and Loose (for heavy athletes).

1. Tight RW Suit
The materials used:

  • nylon or taslan for the front and sleeves;
  • taslan or polycotton for legs;
  • elastic for the back, lower part of sleeves and collar (high or low);
  • cordura for booties and grips;
  • net (100% polyester) or tricot (100% cotton) for lining;
  • zipper YKK;
  • very strong thread GRAL;
  • grips made with a strong nylon ribbon;
  • leather on soles.

2. Loose RW Suit
The materials used:

  • The whole suit is made from taslan or polycotton (35% cotton, 65% polyester);
  • booties and grips are made of cordura;
  • collar (high or low) and cuffs - from elastic;
  • zipper YKK;
  • very strong thread GRAL;
  • grips made with a strong nylon ribbon;
  • leather on soles.

Base price — 25000 rub.

Urgent Tailoring (per week) +50%
Sewing the day trying on +25%

Standard equipment includes:

  • one inside zippered or velcro pocket;
  • all grips (d=30mm, d=40mm);
  • booties;
  • special jumpsuit bag.

More options:

  • hard sole - 2000 rub.;
  • mat in the knees — 800 rub.;
  • additional pocket on a sleeve and on a leg — 600 rub.;
  • grips design — from 600 rub.;
  • mesh on the legs of the grips — 600 rub.;
  • additional collar made of cloth with stripes — 1000 rub.;
  • pocket for Neptun on the arm — 600 rub.;
  • embroidery inscriptions — from 600 rub.;
  • embroidery picture — from 1500 rub.
  • colored stripes — from 500 rub.;
  • holders for booties — 500 rub.
  • zippers on the booties — 2000 rub.

One more option from Tychinskiy:

  • rigid booties (construction with mat) — 1500 rub.;
  • special grips (d=30mm, d=30mm):
    All complect (feet and hands) — 4500 rub.,
    Only feet — 3900 rub.

You can see the photos of RW suits in the gallery.

You can choose colors for your jumpsuit and/or order your favorite version by order forms or download pdf form, complete and send to e-mail.

Download pdf order forms of RW suits:

Customer exercising order jumpsuit remotely and do not come to an intermediate fitting takes responsibility for measurements taken. Alteration jumpsuit and postage costs are manufactured at the expense of the customer.

For all products:
Production time — 2 weeks
Urgent tailoring (per week) +50%
Sewing on the day of fitting +25%

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