1. Cordura — thick nylon thread with a special structure, water-repellent. It is mainly used in suits, in the places that tend to wear off.

2. Elastic (greek: 'elastos' — flexible, malleable) — textured threads, which have strong (400%) elastic elongation, high specific volume, helical kinking and fluffiness.

3. Taslan — 100% polyester. Strong durable sports fabric. The fabric is resistant to tears and wiping in the field of natural bends. Moreover it has water-repellent and windproof qualities, it is easy to wash, it gets dry quickly and does not need ironing. The front side of the fabric has a nice matte glow, the flip side is waterproof fabric impregnation.

4. Polycotton — blended fabric (35% cotton and 65% polyester). Added into the fabric of synthetic filament provides the bright colors in dyeing.

5. Nylon — synthetic fiber from the group of polyamides having similar characteristics other polyamides. Was developed in the Du Pont Company in 1935, in the search of material that is similar in quality to silk.
A thicker thread is inwoven into the nylon within every 4-5 mm to increase the tensile strength and reduction of tension while soaking. This fabric is checked and is called Ripstop.

6. Colred stripes:

Flashlite stripes: white, gray, black and red.
Each of these 4 stripes is shown in natural light and flash.

7. Net and jersey (fabric lining)

8. Prints on the white materials: cordura, polycotton, elastic and nylon.
You can see the photos in the gallery.

9. Net for the grips

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